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Who am I, and How did I get here?

My whole life, I've always felt like I just didn't belong. No matter my age, I never understood why or how people could take life so serious to the point of being stressed out and worried all the time. I never understood those who didn't have a sense of humor, or were afraid to laugh at themselves. I remember when I'd experience negativity and people with ill intentions, feeling disappointed, wondering why the world just hasn't mastered kindness by now.

I always had strong intuition my whole life, and visitations from those who passed. Growing up, I experienced life just as any other kid would. School, sports, friends, boyfriends, breakups, etc. I always had a feeling that there was more to life beyond what I was experiencing every day. It wasn't until I went for my first psychic reading at 22, where I was totally sold that there was more beyond what we could comprehend. Excited and intrigued to see what this was all about, the reader I went to was insanely accurate with everything she told me by accessing my past, present and potentially future. I hadn't even sat down for my session yet where she looked me in my eyes and told me something I had never told anybody; it was my deepest darkest secret that only God and myself knew, and now this psychic. I knew she was looking into my soul; how else could she have known this? My reading with her absolutely blew me away. I left that reading thinking to myself, "People like her should be famous! They could heal the world and should be in schools EVERYWHERE!" I was so excited to learn that there was this spiritual tool to heal, and I was only cracking the surface of the possibilities that this realm had to offer.

Over the years, I continued to check out other readers, if I felt drawn. Psychics and Mediums all differ in their strengths and skillsets, and I believe God made us all unique in life for a reason. I always found myself going back to this one psychic in particular because of the rapport we've built over time, and her accuracy in readings.

As life continued on, I got married at 26 and had my first child at 28. During that pregnancy, my senses were heightened, and I began having prophetic dreams. Every single thing I dreamt would come true. It became comical between my friends and I, and they began calling me, "a witch!"

Time went on, and I had my second son at 30. Post-partum depression didn't discriminate, as depression usually doesn't, when I was chosen. Feeling so alone, isolated and stressed, I began orchestrating a plan on how I was going to end my life, while keeping my children safe. One day, my husband and I fought so bad and I left the house. The plan I originally created for myself was shifted to a last minute alternate path, and I decided to go about it in another way, in a spur of the moment decision. Sitting in my car, I had this moment where I knew nobody was coming to save me, because nobody even knew where I was; nobody even knew I was suffering. I pleaded with God, knowing that in this moment, it was the end. I was hurting so bad, and I wanted it to be over. I knew if I pulled out of the lot where I was parked, all I had to do was take a right turn towards my destination to finish the task.

In the lowest moment of my life, where my life could have ended, I was reborn. I began hearing Spirit, or my Guardian Angels, so clear, as you clearly can hear thoughts in your head. They not only spoke to me, telling me that I would not complete this act of suicide, but that I was meant to move forward in driving home. I absolutely felt protected and at peace and comforted by these thoughts. I just knew I was going to be okay. From this moment, my soul was pulled from my body, and I floated above my body form, watching myself drive home, only in this moment, I took the left turn that saved my life. I watched, as I believe how our Angels watch us, from above, and did not reconnect with my body until I pulled in the driveway of my home. I sat in my driveway, sobbing, because I knew I was home and I had to face my demons, but holding an all knowing peace in my being that I was going to be okay. Whatever this was that helped me, was beyond my control, and from a place I did not know, but felt to be familiar to me.

With the help of therapy, and a supportive husband, my healing journey began. The peace that I felt that I was going to be okay was enough for me to continue on with my life. It wasn't easy by any means, and it didn't happen overnight, (as no healing does), but I worked on this for a few months, until my Poppy passed away. I wasn't sad when he passed, as he lived a long life and we had a great relationship, (I know I was his favorite, he totally told me while living AND after he transitioned...sorry cousins...) but what followed his passing was something I was not prepared for.

A few days after my Poppy transitioned back into Spirit form, he visited me. I was not sleeping, and I was not awake, but I was in the space I like to call, "The In-Between." He appeared to me in a full body shadow form, and his energy is what felt familiar to me. So I did not see him as I see human beings in the flesh every day, but in full shadow form. I knew it was him by energy, and when I noticed him standing in between me, my infant and where I had his wedding band sitting on my desk, he punched me so hard in my chest and it jolted me awake. How do I know this wasn't my husband? Because my husband worked nights during this time; and because energy doesn't lie. This moment triggered curiosity in my soul of wanting to find out more beyond what exists on Earth. There had to be more to this life than what we see every day.

From October 2018 on, I began my readings and learnings of what truly exists out there, who we truly are, and why we are all here. I had so many questions that I wanted answers to, and this was just the beginning of this path. It was on this journey with Spirit where I started to feel whole, connected, and as if my life had meaning, for the first time ever in my life thus far as Francesca.

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