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Francesca has always had strong intuition, prophetic dreams and visitations of those who have passed. It wasn't until later in life where her spiritual awakening took off. After battling severe post partum depression after the birth of her second child, she wanted to end her life. One day, her plan to do so was cut short. As she got close to doing so, she began to hear Spirit clairaudiently, or in her mind and thoughts. This moment completely changed her life. It was with God & Her Spirit Team's Divine Intervention where her life was saved in more ways than just one.

From that point on, she began her journey towards the deeper meaning of life and why she is here. Two months after that experience, her grandfather passed away; whom she always joked she was his favorite grandchild. Ever since his passing, she started seeing Spirit not only in her dreams, but around her home, with her Poppy being the first one.

Feeling isolated and unaware of what to do with this information, Francesca attended a support group for those who feel they have abilities. Searching for answers, it was in that group setting when she had her first mediumship experience, pulling through evidence and a message from Spirit for the Medium who ran the event. It was in this emotional experience where Francesca was told she was a Medium.

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