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So I'm a Medium, Now What?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

After the experience with my Poppy in Spirit, I spent all of 2019 reading about and exploring the spiritual world. From learning about past lives, mediumship, psychic, other realms, etc., I couldn't get enough. I knew I was having experiences that continued to heighten, between my dreams coming true non-stop, visitations from the Spirit World while I was sleeping, I knew there was something going on. To an extent, I began feeling crazy, because nobody could give me answers.

Finally, in October 2019, I attended a support group for those who feel they have abilities, held by a local Angel Reader that I had been to before. Two weeks prior to the event, I was having these visions of a man, and I all of a sudden knew a bunch of information about him, like a bullet list of information that just presented itself to me. I could see his face so clearly, while I was awake, and not even sleeping! I knew his name, the year he was married, how he passed away, his children, what he did for work, and I could describe his physical features as if I was staring at a picture of him with my human eyeballs. I wasn't sure what this was, or what these little pop up visions were, so I was feeling this support group was coming at a great time...or was this a result of me knowing I was attending this group? By the time of the event, I was having mediumistic experiences and I was completely unaware of it. It was in this group setting where my journey took off. Feeling timid, I kept quiet the whole two hours. I listened to other attendees speak, and some of their experiences were truly incredible. At the end of our session, the woman running the event asked if anybody had any questions. Scared, but wanting answers, I told myself, "Fuck it!" and I asked my questions.

I told the woman I was getting these flashes of someone that I didn't know. No sooner did those words come out of my mouth, did I start to see him again, in my thoughts, like a daydream. I told her that I was able to sense him now, as I started talking about him. I told her his name, and everything I was sensing about him as if reading off a grocery list. Hey, at least this was a safe place where I could act this way and I wouldn't get locked up. She looked at me, smiled, turned to her assistant and said, "I know who she is talking about." I was floored at that comment, what was she talking about? She turned to look at me and said, "Yes, I know who you are talking about. He is the deceased husband of one of my clients, and I was trying to get in touch with her recently for something. You are my sign to try to connect with her again. Congratulations, you're a Medium!"

Absolutely shocked, I burst into tears, because this feeling I was having, finally had a place. This is what mediumship is, and I am experiencing it while awake, and not only through visitations in a dream state.

So I'm a Medium, now what?

Exactly, now what? What the hell do I do, and where the hell do I go from now on? Does this get easier to figure out? Do I start to give readings now? Do I wait 10 years? Will this get stronger over time? Do I need to fill out an application or say a spell for this process to jump start? I felt so lost, yet so found at the same time.

After that experience, I began having visitations of another deceased man, whom I had no idea of. But in this dream, I knew he was my hairdresser's father. Was my hairdresser's father even passed? Could you imagine what that next appointment would have looked like if I started the conversation out like that? "Hey, can you trim the length and give me some angles? Oh, and by the way, is your dad dead?" There was no way in hell I was going to bring that up to her. This gentleman showed me a few things about himself, and then made the connection to my hairdresser, but I was in no way, shape or form going to bring that up to her. Well, turns out, if you don't deliver the messages, they'll keep coming. This gentleman kept popping in my dreams for a while, until one day.

I was scrolling on Instagram and saw my hair dresser, who I actually forgot we were friends on there, posted a picture of a Medium at a mediumship even that she went to. I thought to myself, "Maybe she can help? Maybe this medium can teach me or guide me?" So I messaged my hairdresser, who I only really saw once a year for my yearly haircuts for 10 years, and I asked her if the Medium she went to see was "the real deal." She replied that she was, and that if I wanted a reading, she would give me her information. I told her that I didn't want or need a reading, but that I needed guidance because I was recently told I was a Medium. Guess what she replied? She was a medium herself! I was in complete disbelief! Since we broke the ice, I then felt comfortable to ask her if her father was passed. She confirmed that he was, and I told her about my dreams. She told me that she had been praying to her father to have him send other mediums her way, so she could build friendships and continue to strengthen her mediumistic abilities. Seriously?! Once we spoke a bit, she mentioned that the medium she went to see perform, holds practice groups in her home, not far from us, every Sunday morning. I was so scared, but SO excited to begin to meet others in this industry, and to see what it was all about.

Intrigued and bursting from my heart space, I began going to those practices. Everyone I met there was so incredibly warm, welcoming, and I felt I had such a safe space to feel "crazy." Nobody judged if I couldn't "get anything" and they were supportive and encouraging if I only got one thing. It was such a safe space to begin my journey, and I am forever grateful to this group of people who welcomed me with open arms. My hairdresser and I officially became friends, and I would run a small practice out of my kitchen after the kids to bed, to people who volunteered their time to us, as we practiced reading for them.

This continued on, as I attended the other practice group for a few months as well, until the following March when the world shut down, and everything went virtual. The upside to this, was that I had so many opportunities now to work with incredible medium mentors from across the globe, who guided me and helped me start down this road of connecting with spirits on demand, and practice readings, where I'd probably not have had these opportunities if they were't as easily accessible.

Beginning in March 2020, I had my first one-on-one mentorship program, and it was so damn fun. It was like I was remembering mediumship, in a sense, from either other lives, or remembering this whole other aspect of my life that I was now embracing. Suddenly, my past, present and future were colliding into one, and I was again, feeling a sense of wholeness.

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