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Death is not the end; it is merely a transition

Disclaimer: Everything I talk about or write about on my blogs is based on my own personal experiences and opinions so far. As I must state, just as I do before any reading I give, I do not have all of the answers, and let me be clear, nobody does. No psychic, medium, atheist or born again Christian has the Ultimate Truth, and don't ever let anybody press their beliefs onto you. Your Faith is an intimate relationship between you and whatever you believe in (or don't), and as you may hold strong in your own Faith, don't let anybody take away your journey towards what you truly believe in and what resonates with you. It's nobody's business and you owe nobody an explanation. In fact, I don't even have any of the "true" answers. This is all subject to my own interpretation from the past few years of connecting with those who have passed on. I've spoken to my other medium and psychic friends as well as mentors and teachers I've worked under and over the years we've open heartedly compared notes on what we all experience ourselves during sessions with clients, to gather up information and consistencies on what we believe actually happens beyond "death". I could talk about this topic forever. However, the only true holder of the Divine Truth is God. Yes, I believe in God, a Higher Power and Creator of All. I believe in Angels also, and when I pray for strength or pray to give thanks, I pray to God, The Angels and my incredible Spirit team and Guides consisting of every family member and friend who has passed on to the happy place; Heaven. Love and respect for our Creator is the only space of consciousness that I operate under, especially during readings. Until we all "die" or go back "home" to where we came from, full disclosure will continue to remain a mystery, and it's one of life's greatest wonders. I could sit here and talk about it forever because it truly is incredible when you sit down, break it down, and try to wrap your head around what else is out there in the states of consciousnesses. I absolutely love this topic and still marvel at The Great Unknown. I was once told that when you stop becoming in awe of the act of mediumship, it is time to stop giving readings. May we all continue to remain in awe of life's magnificent wonders.

I believe...

You are not a body.

You are a soul.

You have a body, that of which is temporary.

Your soul, however, is endless.

Now, I'm going to delve into the question I get from clients either during or after sessions with them.

What happens when we "die"?

My opinion on this topic is based strictly on my intuition and from information and consistencies I've gathered over the past few years of readings and connecting with the Spirit Realm. My belief is that we never "die". We just don't. We absolutely transition and shed the body when we leave Earth, but before we talk about "the end," let's talk about "the beginning."

First of all, where do we even come from? Let's start at the painfully obvious beginning; conception. When woman and man miraculously conceive a child there is physical matter that is now being created when sperm meets egg, correct? We all either took a health class or asked our parents where babies come from at one point or another, and you either got the simple response, "Babies come from God," or "I don't know," to avoid the uncomfortable topic of conversation from parent to child on how it physically happens. However, since we are all adults here, we can talk about it! The physical act of intimacy happens between man and woman, and in return, conception of sperm and egg begin the physiological and genetic makeup of all humans. In my opinion, that is when life begins; before the heart beat can even be detected, life is created. It truly is a miracle and if the creation of "life" doesn't leave you awestruck, what does?

Now that baby will continue to grow inside the woman's body for approximately 10 months. The chemical reaction becomes a little blurb, which becomes a little blurb with a heartbeat, and then a body will begin to grow, forming into either a male or female as extremities grow, and before we know it, a little human will be welcomed into the world via birth. However, while astrological signs are not my specialty at all because I can't even name one trait about an Aquarius (my sign- I think we’re considered “creative”), I do believe with 110%+ of my being that we are all born under certain astrological dates and times, with the personalities we are meant fulfill by design, and it's all perfect. I believe that at birth, that moment the threshold is crossed and the woman’s womb is no longer home to the child, when the child enters the physical world, finally, Soul meets body to stay.

But where did that Soul come from? Where do our personalities come from? Is birth really the beginning, or just another transition of our souls from one realm to another for a temporary 80+ years, only to transition back and say, "Hey, that was fun! When do I go back?"

At birth, that child is generally welcomed by mother, father & family as the personality and characteristics begins to form. Depending on situational circumstances of upbringing, that child will grow and have life experiences that shape them into who they will become as adults. Now insert the topic and discussion of traumas, happy moments, sad moments and all the other life experiences whether labeled “good” or “bad” and then we have either generational traumatic cycles that will either continue on, or, that child will heal their ancestral line and break the karmic cycles to pave the way for other healing for that child’s children. Am I getting too involved and confusing? I’ll scale it back a bit and save that conversation for another time and reframe the discussion to the original question, however, I believe this is all connected.

Back to birth. I believe woman has been carefully selected by God as the vessel between realms. When you really think about it, look at what happens at birth. Where that Soul come from? Women have been precisely and meticulously chosen by God's perfect design to be the vessel in which to conceive, carry and deliver human beings from the Spirit Realm into the Physical Realm. Not to mention, woman’s body is designed to feed her child as well. How incredible is woman? I’ve heard once before that the baby cries at birth because of the physical shock of leaving woman’s warm, comfortable and safe womb to enter a bright and loud delivery or operating room, and also because of the spiritual shock that they’ve realized they’ve reincarnated into human form on Earth again. I thought that was interesting and it resonated with me so I thought I’d share. I mean, how many of us have had moments in our lives where we have the thought of, “I just feel like I don’t belong here,” or “I feel there is more to life than the daily grind”? How many of us feel and find wholesome peace in silence in either nature or just being alone, marveling at a beautiful sunset in a quiet space or on a beach? (That of which is created by God) It’s because you are more than the loud, materialistic daily grind, hustle and bustle of the world we unfortunately have succumbed to living in. We are happier with simple and less. That ultimate peace inside you can be achieved no matter how busy the world is - but again, I’m getting off topic, so let’s stay the course.

Now that we’ve touched on the topic of birth, let’s continue on to the topic of death.

The vibration, or energetic attachment, to the term “death” seems negative. That of which may feel final with the “end all, be all”, lights out, everything goes dark and that’s it. I truly marvel at the fact that some people think that death is the end. I find it so interesting and would love to talk to someone about this topic to see where that belief system stemmed from in their life. Just as we all have various beliefs that are instilled in us as children from our parents or guardians regarding education, work, finances, religious beliefs, this goes back to how we can break out of generational traumas and old belief systems that no longer resonate with us. To find what truly lies deep within our souls and what lights the fire of passion for what we believe in.

Belief systems have such a hold on how we operate and function in our daily lives. They hold a lot of power over how we make decisions and with what we believe in. An example would be how some people may grow up with the belief system that if you don’t go to college and further your education with one or many degrees, you will not be successful or find a job to help financially support you in life. Some belief systems make you feel the only way you can earn money is by spending money on a college degree. Years before I awoke to my mediumship, I worked for an extremely successful company. My boss did not have a college education, but was extremely successful, smart, hard working and well liked by literally every single person he met. He was on the trajectory to retire and sell his company by the age of 45! At this time, I was the only one at that company with the highest form of education, a “college degree,” and I was the least educated on what the business did and how it even operated. My real education began when I got the job, applied myself, and it took years, but now fast forward to today, based on what he and his company taught me by being in the field and working hands on, I was able to see and do, which pushed me to now have my own small business today, with many thanks to everything he showed me. I don’t work 9-5 grind. I make my own schedule and I have a lot of flexibility and I love, love, love being my own boss. My college education didn’t teach me that, working for a successful business owner who didn’t have a college degree, did. So I in turn, broke out of that old mold or belief system of “needing” a college degree to be successful, and created my own business where I don’t need employees with a college degree, just a strong work ethic and huger for the industry. It disturbs me that jobs today still require a degree on “paper” in order to qualify a person to be considered for a job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a dance major should go apply to be a doctor without a degree (ha!) but to break out of the old molds and labeling we could have had instilled in us regarding anything, if it doesn’t resonate, time to search for what does.

Just as that can be a belief system, so is religion or Faith. I always felt there was more to life than what existed here, I always searched for true relationships that lit a fire in my heart with either friends or boyfriends, and tried to always do the things that resonated with my soul and made me happy. I also always just felt there was something extra around us, that the Universe spoke to us through signs and synchronicities, I always felt it, asked for it and received it. Jumping into mediumship at 30 years old, what was resonating with me my whole life was confirmed and some things shifted from what I thought I knew, to what I discovered. And I’ve since enhanced and grown this relationship with what is around us, and you can too.

Consistencies from my readings have showed me, obviously, that our Souls go somewhere. Whether it’s where I feel we go (my opinion) or where it actually does go (Divine Truth aka only God knows), how else would I be communicating with those who have passed? Where is that information being accessed from? What realm? In what we view as “death” yes, the body does die, but the soul never does. The body absolutely has an expiration date on it from even before you are born. Two things in your life are 110% guaranteed, your “birth” into the physical world, and your “death” from the physical world. So we’ve touched on “the beginning”, so where does that leave “the end”? The conversations in mediumship readings is communicated telepathically, but where in the universe is it coming from? I do not believe we go to an actual planet in another universe, but more so there is a shift of consciousness. So does that continue on, but where does it go?! It blows my mind to this day and I love it.

The physical body cannot, does not and will not last forever. Some of us will have accidents or sudden traumatic deaths, some will have generational or situational causes for ailments, yet no matter what, all of our bodies do expire. But I can absolutely tell you what I feel in my bones, is that your soul is endless. Your soul will continue on to The Great Unknown and be reunited with loved ones that brought you joy. Sometimes if our relationships with friends and family were super traumatic, there is definitely some space where we do not reunite with them again, maybe forever, maybe just for a while, either way, we have so much healing and work to do on the other side. The children’s movie Soul is adorable and a pretty accurate description of what I feel exists for us and how it all works.

I’ve gathered over the years that when the soul transitions back home, there is what is called a Life Review. This is a consistency that is guaranteed to come through in every single reading I’ve ever done, and I’ve only given just under a thousand readings so far. What I’ve grown to see in what a Life Review consists of, it is where we transition back home, and pump the breaks. There are many phases and stages of healing that we do when we exit Earth. The first stage being; how did you exit? Was it traumatic and unexpected? Was there a shock around your passing for everyone involved? Were you terminally ill, existing in a body that was slowly expiring, longing for release from the pain and suffering? The traumatic exists sometimes have a holding period after the transition. They are absolutely welcomed with so much love and support by ancestors who help them heal and reflect to process what happened. We are never alone on the other side. For those who suffered in their body and longed for release, the transition is easier and the little holding period may not last as long, as they feel such freedom and release from the limits that their body was bound to.

How we treated people while we lived here plays a huge part on how the next stage on the other side will go as well. Basically, I feel if we were not nice to those around us, we must and absolutely have to replay how we treated others through their eyes. If we were the abuser, we must feel the abuse in order for that soul to recognize how they treated those around them while living. It is a stage of learning and reflection on the other side. That is why there are many apologies that come through from those who have passed, especially if they were abusive or not nice. They have to feel what it was like to be treated the way they treated others. That is why a beautiful lesson to practice while living is the simple lesson to, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” There is so much healing that can happen during mediumship readings, and there is such release when we get validation from those who gave us a hard time while they were living, that I can see those energetic layers of stress and burden peel away from clients during readings. I sometimes get emails from clients the day after a session saying that after their reading they had the best nights sleep they’ve had in the longest time. Why is that? What was released during that session? If that’s the result from one mediumship session, imagine the healing other energy work can provide if done on a regular basis?

How long does a Life Review last? I do not know. I do believe and feel in all the readings I’ve done that every single soul is different and moves through their process at their own pace depending on how their life progressed. I can kind of tell in a reading when a soul is going to maybe reflect a little bit longer than others, while I do see other souls move a lot quicker through the process. However, time is but an illusion and doesn’t exist on the other side. So how long do they stay there? When I die and get full disclosure in the Ultimate Truth, I’ll let you know.

I believe in reincarnation. I feel it to be true in my bones. I always felt like I was “living in the wrong time period” by being alive now and I was always told I was an “old soul.” I always would prefer to talk to older people than friends my age, so where does that pull, knowing or feeling come from? I highly recommend the book, Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss to break the ice into reincarnation and past lives. All of his books are fantastic, but this one changed my life and started me down the journey towards the deeper meaning of life by past life regressions and by discovering how old a soul can be, and that with every life we live there are imprints that are embedded into the Soul to carry on through its future lives. It is amazing what can be uncovered from past lives. Where do you think certain aversions, fears or loves that you have in this life come from? Ever meet somebody and just feel like you’ve known them forever, or feel like you’ve met them before? You absolutely have! From previous lives of course. The same goes for people you feel averted from; maybe they could have been someone who wronged you in another life. Intuition isn’t called intuition for no reason. Everyone has it, it’s your birth right; but not everybody listens to it, which is your free will. And by practicing free will is how we create the life and reality we want in playing out in this matrix. But now I’m getting off topic and like I said, I could talk about this forever.

I believe our purest form of who we are is energy. You are energy. You are an energetic bubble that is timeless and exists everywhere, all at once, and you have no limits or boundaries. When we live on Earth, we are limited to the body. We are limited by physical boundaries, language barriers, and geographical locations. Some say children have so much energy because they are filled with so much light, and I believe it. They just came from beyond the veil and they’re adjusting to being back in body form! When we “die” (I honestly hate using that word), we are free of what limited us here. Here’s another example. I have done readings for people who only spoke Spanish that required a translator to come in and translate the reading. Before they scheduled the reading with me, they asked me, “Everyone we know who died only spoke Spanish. Do you speak Spanish? How will you communicate with them?” What a limiting belief! There is no language on the other side. I needed the translator on the Earth side to translate the reading, human to human, but speaking to the deceased only requires the communication of energy via telepathy. The only language on the other side is energy via telepathic communication, which comes in the form of energy and feelings or love. We are so limited here on Earth and we don’t even know it. I’ve done readings for people where at the end of the reading they say to me, “Wow you must be fluent in Italian, because everyone you brought through didn’t speak English; they only spoke Italian!” While I can only understand my grandmother’s dialect here and there, I am not fluent in any other language other than English, except energy of course.

I say this all the time, “death is not the end, it is merely a transition.” I believe we can experience a lot of “death” while living. The death of a relationship that we sever for our own well being is a perfect example. How many of you have severed a toxic relationship with people who are still physically alive today, but the energy of that relationship died? From death comes birth, and a new you is reborn, paving the way for new relationships by breaking from the old patterning. Sometimes, those are the most difficult versions of death to endure. Knowing that the other person is still alive to this day, but the trauma and relationship have ended, yet you are both existing in your own spaces, giving birth to a new you, free of that energetic attachment. And just as in the death of a loved one who may no longer be alive, we also go through a grieving process when there is death of a relationship in the living. Grieving is so very important and it is a process that is intimate, individualized and must never be rushed or dismissed. This article wasn’t written to dismiss or belittle grief at all; and when your loved ones pass away, please grieve. Grief is an important part of growth, and it is very much necessary to move through the process for yourself and the relationship you shared. This could be a whole other chapter in itself.

Honestly this is why I began writing a book about my experiences that I hope to one day publish, because I can sit here and have conversations about this topic from what I’ve experienced so far, for hours upon hours. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what mediumship has taught me. I’ve released a lot of fears and old belief systems that used to hinder me and keep my vibration low, or keep me stuck on a treadmill going nowhere, and I’ve used a lot of these lessons to break out of what no longer serves me for my highest good. I fear way less, love way more and have so much more peace in my soul what I’ve grown to learn from the Spirit Realm. I am not perfect, nobody is, and none of us ever will be. All we can do is try our best, be great people and find inner peace and heal our ancestral lines as best as we can. We are all here for Soul growth and to do what’s best for our highest good. Enjoy what life has to offer, do what makes you happy. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anybody, and we never know when our time is up. So what are we all waiting for?

I did not write this article to sway anybody in any direction. This is strictly one opinion from one life experience.

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